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Casanova's Favorite Sexual Positions Learn From a Master   
by sacha tarkovsky

Reading Casanova's memoirs (in case you haven't done so) might seem to be simply a sexual manual. The book however covers other matters and is a great read in its own right.

Casanova however is known by anyone as a master of lovemaking (and seduction) and had a few favorite positions.

Learn them here and you will master some of the best positions for lovemaking of all time.

The rest of the memoirs are full of the history on the 18th century, and deals mostly with day to day matters, and is not sexual at all, so as well as giving some great sex positions, its an entertaining and a lesson in history to.

The Love Seat

The love seat is a small divan, with one side only, and a sloping support back, that does not support your back at all.

In case you haven't got it yet, the love seat was for making love. It came down to us in the 20th and 21st centuries as just furniture.

Buy one and use it as Casanova did and you will learn its secrets and the great potential if offers. Rear Entry.

The lady is on her knees on the love seat, with her arms resting, and facing the side arm.

This leaves her genital area open and exposed, and the man come on her from behind, holding her waist, or stroking her back.

The man's thrusting can be varied from long thrusts to full penetration with rotation only.

This position assures g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral and will bring the woman quickly to a profound and deep orgasm.

The man must exercise control to let the woman finish first or the couple can finish simultaneously. Daring Do.

The woman is placed on the love seat side, with her buttocks at the top, and her head and back from the mid-back are in the air.

The man holds her hands, kneels in front of her, while she places her feet on the man's shoulders.

This position will take some doing, but well worth the effort. Both partners will arrive at a deep and satisfying orgasm.

Mutual Oral Sex.

Either (and thus both) of the partners will lay back with their upper body being supported by the side arm. The partner will have clear access to the genital area, with their knees on the floor; their truck supported the end open side of the love seat. This is a very comfortable position for oral sex, and much better than lying down in a bed.

The Bottom Corner of the Bed

Casanova loved rear entry positions and there is no better way than he did it.

The woman would be placed on her stomach, with her legs still on the floor, but spread apart by being on either side of the bed corner.

The man, on his knees makes rear entry and it is both deep and complete. The woman usually finds this penetration most satisfying.

Missionary with Pillows

Our hero loved to place the woman on her back, but support her buttocks with two pillows.

This facilitates the man to enter her most deeply, as the angle of penetration is changed to allow maximum penetration.

The man must thrust profoundly and in a regular manner. The woman's movements are limited due to the pillow support. However as Casanova wrote, the woman arrives soon near the gates of paradise in this position.

There are many great lovers in history and we have covered some of the best and their favorite positions but perhaps no one is linked so much to sex and seduction as Casanova and you will enhance your love life with the above



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