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"It doesn't matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses."    
       Mrs. Campbell

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Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms

A lecturer on the paranormal was addressing a class of university students. He began, "Today I'm going to discuss so-called ghosts. Before I begin, may I ask how many of you believe ghosts are real?"

About 100 hands went up.

"That's about typical," said the lecturer. "Now, how many of you believe you have seen ghosts?"

Several dozen hands went up.

"Again, that's about typical," said the lecturer. "How many of you have talked to ghosts?"

About 5 hands went up.

"Very good," said the lecturer, "about what I expected. Finally, some people claim ghosts come to them in their sleep and have sex with them. How many of you think you've had sex with ghosts?"

Only one hand went up.

"Hmm," said the lecturer, "would you please come up to the front of the room, so we can discuss this in front of the whole class?"

The young man went to the front of the room.

"This is amazing," said the lecturer. "You're the first person I ever met who would admit that he thinks he's had sex with ghosts. Would you tell us the details of how it happened?"

"Ghosts?" said the young man, "Oh shit, I thought you said goats!"


This joke illustrates a good point in the discussion of ghosts and sex. We donít bat an eyelash anymore regarding either sex or ghosts. We can read about ghostly prostitutes having spectral orgies in a former brothel-turned-lingerie shop and not even think twice while reading it. We can explore the stories about ghostly virgins roaming the halls of old castles and manor homes, nearly skimming over the descriptions of their siren calls and seductive summoning manner. Many tales of ghosts include the sensual telling, but as is often the case, human beings are drawn to the sensational, so much of the time, the telling is skewed.

Or if personal experience stories are more to your liking, then you can join a woman named Jenn, who writes a sex column and poses the question Ė Did I have sex with a ghost? Or you could join this Ecuadorian woman who claims the sameÖ that sheís had repeated sex with a ghost. Or, you could just read a ghost story or two and attach some fantasy if you felt so inclined.  


Read - Ghost Lover


Fanny & the Demon



Once in a long while, youíll hear of a tale and wonder if it might have a grain of truth.  Ghost stories, legends, suspenseful tales or lusty encounters with spectral loversÖ all these can fuel the imagination beyond our capacity to understand why the human condition begs smokes and mirror behavior. We beg to be scared. We WANT to be jolted.  We pay money to watch movies that could conceivably cause us to wet our pants. Why do we do this?  And why do we often add an element of sex to the spookiness of it all?  

What is the connection between sex and fear? Some theorize that both states create the same basic responses in our body. We perspire, our breathing quickens, we prepare ourselves for the dynamics ahead, etc.  The only thing that fear adds is an element of fight or flight control. We are ready to flee. That isnít to guarantee we can.  But all in all, sexual excitement and fear have many common physical commonalities. This begs the question of orgasms in a movie theatre, but that is another article.

So, here we have our bodies responding to some ass in a red striped shirt, sporting an Edward Scissorhands type glove, or a hockey mask and janitors uniform, or a ghost posing as a housekeeper from Victorian England, taking care of your children, each form of fear-inducing stimuli take us that one step closer to orgasm.

Am I understanding this correctly? Maybe thatís why my partner and I are explosive in bed following a night out at the horror films? (Having just now considered the possibility, we may just want to increase our entertainment budget.)

As a way to honor those who become the stuff of legends, The Darwin Awards describe their archives as ďhonoring those who improve our gene pool... by removing themselves from it. These men and women gave their "all" in an effort to improve the human species. Of necessity, the honor is generally bestowed posthumously

And who can resist a good ghost story?  Not me. And these links will send you to some of the most incredible evidence of life beyond death you can imagine, although the stories of sex with ghosts seem few and far between. Some folks in Zanzibar werenít impressed by their sex-crazed ghost. This ghost appears to sodomize males. Or you could sample the legend of the Horny Toad of Bangkok. Strange but perhaps with a vein of truth running through it.

Well, thatís some reading for you, links to poke around in and some fun to be had.  I donít know about sex with ghosts. Might be kind of fun. But I do know that for as long as human beings have existed, ghosts have haunted our thoughts and shadows. Some people believe and others donít, but just like your car keys, I donít have to believe in the keys for them to exist.

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        Truman Capote

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