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Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion (Gothloli)   

The Elegant Gothic Lolita look, often called simply Gothic Lolita or EGL, started in Japan which still remains its principle area of practise by far. However, the Gothic Lolita trend has gradually spread outside of Japan and now has a strong following in many Western countries although the average age of the practitioners is perhaps a little older.

The original look usually consists of a black and white colour scheme often heavily decorated with ribbons and lace with skirts being short, floaty and voluminous. Knee length stockings or socks, or even fishnets usually cover the legs. High, chunky heels on boots and shoes finish off the outfit. The whole ensemble has a strong 'baby doll' influence to it although a Victorian gothic theme has crept in to the look more recently.

The fashion started around 1998, quickly gaining in popularity until it was available in many mainstream Japanese clothing outlets by 2001. The are several variations of the Gothic Lolita look each with their own followers. These include the 'Beautiful Lolitas', 'Classic Lolitas', 'Punk Lolitas' and 'Sweet Lolitas'. The Gothic Lolita look in the west often combines a combination of these styles.

The popularity of the look was increased heavily due to the influence and availability of Moi Meme Moitie and Atelier Pierrot brands of clothing. Malice Mizer from the band Visual Kei owns the Moi Meme Moitie brand and is said to have developed the phrase 'Elegant Gothic Lolita'.

The term 'Lolita' originated in the book by Vladimir Nabokov in which the central character becomes sexually obsessed with a young pubescent girl named Lolita. It is said by many to be one of the most important works of fiction of the 20th century despite its controversial subject matter. Although some feel that the Japanese Lolita fashion trends often contain a strong underlying sexuality many of its practioners feel that they are 'cute' rather than in any way sexual. This can possibly be attributed to a difference in cultures between the West and the East.

As stated Gothic Lolita fashion has spread to the west although it is rarely categorized so tightly as in Japan, with several other Lolita styles merging into the main theme. A few years ago it was almost impossible to purchase ELG clothing in the UK or much of Europe but this has now changed with several companies now producing a range of Lolita inspired clothing. Online gothic stores such as Dark Passions Gothic now stock a fairly wide range of Lolita Gothic based clothing with regular additions.

For those interested in more information on this fascinating subject it's well worth visiting a Japanese site, written in English, that contains 1000's of user submitted Lolita fashions pictures as well as a forum and some great links to further reading.

About the Author

Elizabeth Brodie owns and operates Dark Passions Gothic an online UK shop specialising in goth clothing and jewellery. They now stock a great range of Gothic Lolita inspired clothing.

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