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Victorian Swoon & Erotica   
by Esmerelda Jones

Do you long for sustained, bewildering, climatic romance that keeps you chained to your chaise lounge? Oooh, pass the chocolates please.

What is Victorian Swoon? Immensely popular during the era, it provided an imaginative escape for working class readers (and secret lady readers) into the fantasia of unlikely romance with mysterious gentlemen. Known in England as penny romance, and in US as dime store fiction, it continued throughout the decades, revamping itself into higher forms of sophistication. Often distained, paperback romance is still a jackpot winner for authors, though today's heroes are unlikely to ravish us in the parlour. (sigh!)

What is Victorian Erotica? Read by connoisseurs of theatrical seduction, 19th century erotica plays heartily on teasings and temptations, and includes all preferred forms of stimulation. The ladies are plump and lustrous, with every fold of the flesh being a delight. Gentlemen most often recline in luxurious settings, savouring imported brandy and cigars, while the show proceeds in a flurry of femininity. As a variation, couples live out rhapsodic episodes from the privacy of their boudoir.


Woman Cinching Corset
Woman Cinching...

In both Swoon and Erotica, the essentials of a story are important, as the writer cannot rely on modern explicit language and fast sex to satisfy readers who are reaching into the unrestrained subconscious. The flames of passion tend to intensify. Mystery, thriller, fantasy and even horror can be spooned into the plot. Swoon is pure era romance with extended preludes and interludes.

Nothing needs to be socially correct in Victorian writing, as characters are freely allowed to perform as themselves. They may be scoundrels, but they are not required to reform at the end of the chapter. Submissive females do not automatically rise up to give us a perfect ending. Poverty is not always rewarded. Rich, lewd lords are just that. Whatever occurred in natural, daily life will happen again with no softening or reason.

The first 10 issues of my Victorian Swoon (flash fiction) collection: 1.Discovered! 2.The Allusions Of Belle 3.Brutal Love 4.A Lamp For The Grocer's Boy 5.Fondly, I remember 6.Wretched Days At Sea Rogue Cottage 7.See You Next Summer 8.Follies Of Ruin 9.He Cut My Soul 10.Millie's Lies

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Miss Peach's Parlour (Victorian Erotica) available soon in pdf format.

About the Author

Esmerelda Jones... writer of old curiosities Victoriana, Victorian Swoon, Victorian Erotica, Crystal Ball Clairvoyant 

Copyright 2006

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